How Agencies Are Making 4,000+% ROI for Clients With White Label PPC

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What if you could make money out of PPC advertising without being an expert or without knowledge at all? Sounds ridiculous, right? Even if you’re an expert what if your time didn’t allow you to invest as much as your time in running multiple campaigns?

Yes, these are all possibilities but there’s nothing to say you can’t override it with something else. Just because you’re providing your consumers digital marketing services doesn’t mean you’re a PPC advertising expert.

Maybe you’re not offering PPC advertising because of limitations such as:

  1. You lack the skills and experience to manage PPC campaigns.
  2. You don’t have time to carry out several PPC promotions for customers.
  3. You do not have the men-power in-house to carry out the services on a scale.

Let me break the ice to you. Lack of knowledge, time, and people never have to be limiting factors. Want to offer your clients PPC advertising services but don’t know-how, have adequate resources or time? 

NO, problem. It’s still possible.

How? White Label PPC.

What is white label PPC?

Simply put, white-label PPC is a B2B advertisement service, that businesses acquire/purchase to offer their own clients. Basically, as a business, if I buy a white label service I will be able to rebrand and resell PPC services to my own clients without next to zero effort. Without more effort, the company will add new advertisement services to customers! White-label PPC services can include PPC promotions, reports, advisory services, etc. That being said, it can add a crucial dimension to your business offering for your clients.

To illustrate, as an agency I can purchase white label PPC services and offer them to my client. The white-label service provider will manage my clients’ campaigns under the brand name  of my agency. It’s basically controlled digital advertising services that you can resell to local businesses under your brand.

Here’s an example to show how it works:

  1. ABC company acquires PPC services to resell to their customer offered by a white label PPC service provider- PPC Rockers.
  2. PPC Rockers rebrands the PPC services for ABC’s clients with its own branding and manages the campaigns for ABC company.
  3. The digital advertising team of the white-label supplier fulfills the PPC services of ABC agency purchased from PPC Rockers — all under the ABC brand.

With white label PPC, any agency can add digital advertising to its product basket and rest assured of making money without playing any role in the service process itself.

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