How an agency gained 4,381% ROI with white-label PPC


White label solutions may seem like it’s taking a huge pressure off your shoulder s but in reality, it’s also giving you a big boost in keeping your customers happy. White label solutions provide your business’s customers with real-life results that account for growth and profit.

When a local agency offered PPC Rockers white-label PPC to Spa World, the results were huge: Cost/Conv. decreased by 43% & Conv. The rate increased by 40%  which was around 13% before. 

The local agency did not particularly expertise in providing PPC services but they were shrewd enough to understand the business potential from PPC services. Hence, they opted for white label services. They recruited the in-house team of PPC rockers digital advertisement specialists as a part of their external team and got to meet their client’s demand of digital advertising.

By leveraging white-label advertising services, they were able to offer Spa World:

  • A Google Adwords campaign with programmatic bidding.
  • Relevant review and location ad extensions.
  • A customized mobile-optimized landing page.
  • Programmatic display ads with geo-fencing and conversion zones.

In terms of results, Spa world now had their Cost/Conv decreased from $19 to $11.31 while on the other hand, their Conversion rate boosted up to 40%. This goes to show how PPC Rockers brought incredible results as a white-label service. This has led them to be reputed as an advertising specialist in the field and has gained a huge success story to boost its credibility.

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