White Label PPC Solution

Be the PPC Hero for Your Clients

Our white-label PPC services equip you with the expertise to confidently offer PPC advertising to your clients and watch your business flourish.

Starting at $500/mo*

Dedicated Account Manager

Team of PPC Experts & Creatives

High converting landing page included

Live performance Dashboard

State of Art Conversion Tracking

Never again bother about creating ad copy, running advertisements, or building pages for customers.

Advertisement Platforms​

Instantly gain access to 9 channels and services.

Looking to run a comprehensive digital marketing campaign across Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Search? Look no further. From search and social to programmatic and custom solutions, we have the expertise to execute all your digital marketing needs in-house.

These are the contents of EVERY PPC Account

…and they are in fact standard! No upsells or extra costs…

Specialized Account Manager and Team of Experts

Every PPC partner receives a dedicated account manager focused on maximizing your clients’ ad performance, backed by a team of specialists.
  • Account Auditors
  • Google Specialists
  • Copywriters
  • Designers

Account Audit & Campaign Creation

Your team of specialists will delve deeply into the account to analyze what strategies were successful and what fell short. Based on these insights, we will craft innovative campaigns aimed at driving high-value clicks and conversions for your client.

Compelling Ad Copy that Drives Conversions

With over 50 THOUSAND ads under our belt, we’ve honed our copywriting skills to attract the most qualified clicks. Whether you’re aiming for a Real Estate Agent in Dubai or a Moving & Storage in Alabama, our tried-and-true ad creatives are designed to captivate their interest.

Niche-based Proven Landing Page Templates

This is the point where many White Label PPC agencies typically halt. They may overlook the post-click experience or charge exorbitant fees for a page that may only meet basic requirements. Our track record includes generating thousands of conversions through our landing pages, and we will leverage this expertise to craft yours during setup.

Split Testing & Heatmaps

Heatmaps are a standard feature on ALL landing pages! We integrate heatmaps on each new landing page to gain insights into user interactions. Additionally, we conduct complimentary split tests on the page to optimize lead generation and sales performance without any additional ad spend.

Conversion Tracking

We will incorporate conversion tracking for the ad platforms to guarantee accurate data recording for the ad campaigns, thus enhancing and maximizing the performance of ad campaigns across all platforms.

Call Tracking

We will provide you with a dedicated call tracking number using Google or other trusted third-party tools to evaluate the success of your campaigns.

Realtime Dashboard

Your team of specialists immerse themselves in the account to analyze what strategies were successful and which ones fell short! You receive a personalized dashboard with your branding that provides precise insights into the performance of your account!

Performance Reports

At the beginning of each month, your account manager will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the previous month’s performance, which will include:

  • New campaigns added
  • Campaigns Paused
  • High Performing campaigns and how to scale them
  • Underperforming campaigns and how to improve them
  • Plus a detailed account of everything that was done in the account over the last 30 days

Ongoing Campaign Optimization

PPC requires ongoing attention and management. Our team of experts and specialists consistently monitor and optimize your account, implementing new strategies and updates every week.

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Our Pricing

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Minimum Management Fee Up to 3k Monthly Budget


of 1st $3k Budget. +10% on Budget above $3k


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Streamline all your agency needs with a dedicated point of contact.

Eliminate the hassle of juggling multiple vendors and conflicting attribution by choosing Conduit Digital. Experience unparalleled performance and communication with your dedicated agency account manager who is your ultimate champion.

What to expect when you sign up

Once you have achieved full Partner status, we will guide you through the process of setting up your first client for white-label PPC management.