Benefits of white-label PPC services


The benefits of white label PPC services are immense. White label PPC services enables you to provide top notch campaigns, its optimization and management conducted by  a dedicated team of digital advertising experts.

Geofence competitors and run conquest campaigns

WHite label PPC services ensure that your client’s business is promoted to the right audience.including local consumers,past consumers and competitor’s customers. This is achieved through geo-location and programmatic ad technologies that ensure ads are displayed to the right audience and the right time on the right platform.

What it means: 

This means that you can target customers hanging around your client’s competitors and inform them about your client’s business.

Track real-life metrics that matter

Monitoring real-world clients is essential. It is usually monitored through metrics such CTRs (clickthrough rates) or ROI(return on investment) which gives us an idea about the campaign’s efficacy. Not all business owners understand such metrics. For relevant keywords, consumer phone calls should be analyzed anonymously and audience geo-locations should be analyzed anonymously to disclose in-store visits. Such real-world activities are connected to your client’s campaign and show a measurable benefit for your business clients.

What it means:  Get to know which device your client’s customers are using to see the  ad. If they’re viewing  on the phone or visiting the store in person. The aim is to trace down the customers of your clients, whether on phone or in store,to the PPC campaigns.

ROI Reports

Proof is everything is the landscape of digital marketing services. One has to showcase the results of the services being provided in actionable and measurable metrics.

Our reports are a comprehensive understanding of what the campaigns are achieving. It is not only focused on how much views have increased or clicks have been attained by the clients but also oriented towards determining how many store calls and visits have been generated. Capitalizing on store calls and visits, it shows how you’ve treated the customers and that acts as an actionable return on yourPPC campaign investment.

What it means: Show your clients exactly what their investment is giving them. IN this case , the report of 4,381% ROI!

Other white-label services

PPC is just the tip of the ice-berg if you’re  noting down the advantages of white label PPC. Implicit advantages that come along with it are social media management, review response, website creation, and even other forms of digital advertising services can all help create your agency brand and generate new revenue for your company. 

 A white label agency enables you to expand your business without growing the overhead cost and workload. With our growing team of 50+ members, we as a digital agency, get the result you want and the growth momentum your agency needs.

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